“First of all I will say thanks to the host family, this family is so lovely and nice. In year 2014 it was my 14 time in Kokkari and at Despinas house. The exposure of the building is the best in town I think.

In front of the building there is a smallharbour white nice fishing boats? And next to the house only across a small hump (very small hill) there are many nice restaurants and bars and you don’t hear some noise at night. Now a little overview about the rooms. The rooms are very nice and big enough for nice and sweet holidays. Into the room there is a little kitchen unit with a fridge, dishes andeverything you need for daily use. The Bathroom and everything else is very clean and they tidy it up very carefully. The rooms are with a balcony and Iwant to say this view outside from the balcony to the see is so incredible niceand a little bit magic. I still love this view!! On the whole for me it is the nicest spot to make holiday in Kokkari at despinas house. At last I hope that this feedback will make you curious to come to despinas house..

Greetings from Germany, Möglingen”